“When it rains, it pours,” “if it can go wrong, it will go wrong,” “SNAFU,” and “FML.” Ummmm, sure, we’ll go with all those…..

I still have no idea why I was experiencing the audio problems spoken of yesterday but a workaround was discovered, and that was enough to solve it. It an hour or so, maybe more. But it also could have been worse. So that’s the past – I know what to do next time. Good. Done.

So now we’re on to today. I wake up an hour earlier than what has been the norm lately, pour some coffee, hit the power button on my desktop system and……it doesn’t boot. Numbers “2” and “4” are lit up. That means it’s a graphics card issue. I pull out the computer, partially disassemble it and remember that Los Angeles is a dusty place like no other. Well, compared to Ohio, at least. These computers get cleaned semi frequently but the dust bunnies do pile up quick. I vacuum the video card and the rest of the components off, put the card back in, and nothing has changed. I have officially declared my ol’ Geforce 6 to be dead. Kaput. Toast. Gone to meet its maker (in Texas?)

I suppose troubles are inevitable for do-it-yourselfers… but everything was just going so well for a month straight. So rather than actually dealing with it, I am just going to write about it…and laugh. That’s an important one – to not take everything too seriously (so you don’t go crazy) and to just laugh.

“F. it, dude. Let’s go bowling.”


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