News Blast from the Past


My lovely mother reminded me a few days ago of an old article I hadn’t even thought about for years. It’s from my old high school newspaper, Blue N’ Gold. Here goes:

Featured Story – “Living Legend”
by Rachel Flack

Aloof, arrogant, cocky… all characteristics expected of a musical genius. Justin Kilmer’s peaceful, charismatic nature instantly squishes those stereotypes the moment he speaks. His laid-back personality soothes any nervousness felt and replaces it with the feeling of being in the presence of an old friend. In possibly one of the most humble and enduring ways, Justin beings to weave the tale of his still developing musical career.

Kilmer’s brother played the drums when Justin was younger, and he felt his brother was having a lot of fun doing so. At age seven, Kilmer began to explore that chasm of rock life also. Upon seeing Wayne’s World, Justin had the desire to play the guitar. At the age of nine, his father bought him one. Along with the guitar, Kilmer soon conquered the melodic workings of bass and piano.

Influenced by greats such as Nine Inch Nails, Stabbing Westward, and Tool, Justin is now a driving force behind two bands: Masquerade and Latus Rectum. The latter is named after a trigonometry measurement.

Led by the searing vocals of Megan Dobrozsi from Middletown, back by the wicked onslaught of guitarists Tyler Zornes and Justin Tharpe, laced with the haunting underscores of bassist Mike Combs, and kept in perfect synchronization by Kilmer at drum, Latus Rectum performs their brand of rock for public events and parties. Last seen at Rachel Cayard-Roberts’s Live Stock, Latus Rectum had to take a short break due to Kilmer’s football player status. The band tried to get on at Monroe’s City Fest, but it was already booked up.

Masquerade, Justin’s other musical project, is topped with a serious goal, to have an album released before Kilmer graduates. However, Justin is not in this for the fame. “I don’t know if I’ll be famous, and that doesn’t concern me. I consider the music that we make art, and I just want people to appreciate it. If they can apply it to themselves, or interpret it in a way that it fits them, that’s great.”

A living legend in his own right, Justin Kilmer embodies the very thing a rock icon should be about, and that is to create music. Someday, when a haunting melody flows from the constraints of a stereo, and a creation of raw emotion stirs something long dead inside, Kilmer’s simple statement will have rang true. His ability to make music that whispers to the very essence of an individual will keep his mystique alive for many years. If one thing above all else is true, Justin Kilmer will not be forgotten.


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