Italy in Cursive


Staring out the window at a beautiful countryside. Bellissimo. Old castles are perched atop hills, slowly becoming one with the land. Villages cling to mountain ranges, making me question how they ended up there any why. There is so much green to see- the vineyards, olive trees, soy beans, corn (very occasionally), and prairie-type grass on the rolling hills, gently swaying in the breeze.

I’m glad to be sitting, because everything hurts right now from walking miles and miles and miles every day. I slept nine hours last night but feel like my whole being could use a full 24 hours in bed to recuperate. I’m far from sedentary in my usual, daily life, but this amount of walking makes it feel like switch has been flipped and I’m doing a 180 compared to what I’m used to. A big part of it is the hills – so much up and down… and a lot of those hills in town are paved with uneven cobblestones. These over-engineered, American sports shoes just aren’t enough in Italy.


Classic Italian Street - Siena, Italy


Despite all the activity, the cuisine is already taking a toll… I’m a growing boy – but growing “out” rather than “up” these days. My, uhhh, ya know, rock-hard abs have started to disappear, and my arms are less toned… or less “beefy” is an adjective you might use. hah!

Pizzerias and dessert bars are found on seemingly every block, and the five-course, fine dining restaurants leave me full after just the second course. The locals seem to be in great shape for all the oils poured on breads, pastas, and salads. “Would you like some bread with your olive oil?” seems like a fair question.


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