What Concerns Me About “4 More Years”


The government’s intrusion in our lives is crazy. So is the lack of accountability. What I keep seeing, replaying in my mind, are the town hall events in 2009 and 2010. Those were packed with people, citizens, yelling at their representatives “We don’t want this bill!” But it didn’t matter. Congressmen and -women weren’t going to be swayed. They had their minds made up, yet shouldn’t it be the other way around? I always thought the will of the people was the most important thing. Or is it that elected officials truly do believe their constituents are just too stupid or uninformed to have an opinion?

It’s not that people want their neighbors, friends, and family to forgo treatment for their ailments, but rather it’s about government intrusion. It’s about expenses and the government’s willingness to keep putting things on a credit card. I think it’s safe to say that people have grown weary of politicians and promises that they often can’t keep, due to the design of the system.

You couldn’t pay me to vote for President Obama. And I don’t have faith that Mitt Romney is a better choice. So that leaves me voting for parties and candidates that talk about crazy, old school topics like the Constitution, freedom, and NOT policing the world. Those are the people the media paint as kooky, if they even get any coverage at all. Ron Paul is one such person. Whether you like him or not, he’s smart, can make an unconventional argument, and a lot of people like him. But he doesn’t pander so much to people and groups in order to get votes, and he’s not as young and handsome as the candidates the major parties push. Studies have shown that those characteristics truly are important today.

But as for the major concern about accountability, I think it’s important to keep things fresh. I’m pretty sure we all would have benefited if George W. Bush would have been in office four LESS years, and it seems to be a good time now for the incumbent to hand over the reins to someone new. Elected officials should bring a little bit of fear to their jobs, because their boss is an entire nation. What I see today is someone who appears to never have any regrets. I can hear in my head something a la “We took a real shellacking, but at least we got the job done.” It was a “shellacking” because Democrats and the President pushed legislation through that a huge number of constituents fought hard against.

So, in good conscience, I can’t cast a vote for someone who ignores mobs of people screaming that don’t like the direction their government is headed. And at the other end, I really thought Mitt Romney’s unwillingness to do something as simple as release a full tax return would do him in. Since it’s going to come down to either of these folks, I guess what I’m really looking forward to is way on down the road – at the end of “four more years.”


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