Pinnacle Cake Vodka and Bulleit Bourbon (makes for a long night)


Holy cripes! This has been a very long, yet adult kind of day. For the first time, I’ve had Bulleit bourbon and Pinnacle Cake vodka… in a very short amount of time. Those are taking a toll right now, and that’s because both are awesome.

First things first, I guess I’m not quite a bourbon expert like I once thought. I can certainly tell the difference between Woodford Reserve and Maker’s Mark but, when it comes to Bulleit, well, it simply just tastes like bourbon.

Based on the recommendation from a coworker, I decided to give Bulleit a try today. My first impression is that it’s very woody (oak) and has a lingering vanilla finish. It’s good but just kinda tastes like… well… bourbon. There isn’t anything amazingly unique about it, but it’s good and enjoyable.

As for this Pinnacle Cake vodka…. wow. It’s really sweet. The first time I had Pinnacle vodka was when those closest to me toasted and gave me a shot at a local bowling alley. It was Pinnacle’s “Whipped (cream)” vodka, and it was really unique and surprisingly awesome… must be chemicals in there, sort of like those spoken about in the book “Fast Food Nation” that makes the drink taste pretty authentic. Whatever is in it, it’s good and makes for a fun Saturday night.

Tonight I made a “Buttercream Icing” drink which, according to the Pinnacle website, consists of the following: 2 parts cake vodka, 1/2 part butterscotch schnapps, 1 part half and half (I used milk), and a dollop of whipped cream on top. Aside from the whipped cream, the three ingredients are shaken and served cold.

For a full description of drink recipes, check out:


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